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Podcast Episodes

A summary of each podcast episode is shown below. You can download the episodes where you usually obtain your podcasts including: Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Google podcasts, Podcast addict, Podchaser, PlayerFM or play from the link below.

The podcasts provide tax CPD for accountants based in the UK

Monica's family are causing her company tax to go up, up, up. Can you sort it?

This podcast episode looks at the impact the two rates of corporation tax have on small companies from 1 April 2023 and how associates can increase a company’s tax liability. The guest is Ros Martin, a leading tax consultant and trainer. Ros explains the key issues you need to consider. Whilst these are not new rules, the single rate of corporation tax until 1 April 2023 reduced their practical impact. Using a detailed worked example with Monica and her family and all their many different trading entities to help explain the practical issues you will meet. Main issues from 1 April 2023 – Definition of associated companies – Simple spouse associated companies – Irreducible control – Who are the associates in the family? – 1 April 2023 and how to count the associates – Non-trading and dormant companies – Investment companies and watch for non-resident companies – Family company associates: a detailed worked example covering financial, economic and organisational interdependence – Lack of co-operation when working out associates – HMRC CT manual examples – Statutory Instrument – CT600 – Common control It is excellent tax CPD for accountants working in practice. It is totally free tax CPD.

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