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Podcast Episodes

A summary of each podcast episode is shown below. You can download the episodes where you usually obtain your podcasts including: Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Google podcasts, Podcast addict, Podchaser, PlayerFM or play from the link below.

The podcasts provide tax CPD for accountants based in the UK

November 2023 tax administration episode

Presenter Bryn Griffith

This is an episode looking at recent changes to the administration of the tax system.  We focus on a range of topics that affect accountants working in practice.

  1. How you might obtain a reply from HMRC for old post

  2. Changes to the Agent Helpline - it is not good news

  3. Overlap relief 

  4. Obtaining SA refunds

  5. Changes to VAT registration

  6. PAYE - closing a scheme down

  7. Paying tax liabilities

  8. Crucial changes to VAT central assessments

  9. Payment plans on line 

Detailed content and timings

1:58      Obtaining a reply from HMRC to post older than 12 months

6:01      Agent helpline changes - it is not good news

8:22      Overlap relief

14:00    SA tax refunds

17:15    Changes to VAT registration

21:12    Closing down a VAT scheme

23:30    Paying tax liabilities

25:49    VAT central assessments

28:31    Time to pay - online processing

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