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Podcasts guests

All the guests are freelance tax specialists. They are often available for consultancy work, so you can contact them directly. Contact details are provided in each episode as well as in the outlines shown below.

Recent trainers and podcasts guests

Podcast guests are shown below along with their contact details

Ros Martin.jpg

Ros Martin

Ros Martin is one of leading guests on the podcast. After leaving university Ros worked as an HMRC Inspector. In 2004 she established her own training and tax consultancy. Renowned for her detailed and practical approach. Ros can be contacted through her website   

Sophie Hill - CTA trainer

Sophie Hill - CTA training

Simone Hurst.jpg

Simone Hurst

Simone is one of our regular podcast guests, specialising in the complex world of VAT. Simone began her career as a HMRC VAT Inspector before branching out to run her own VAT consultancy. Listen to her podcasts to deepen your VAT understanding. Simone can be contacted at 

Nick Wright.jpeg

Nick Wright tax specialist

Paul Malin.webp

Paul Malin

Paul has been a specialist tax advisor for over 30 years. His area of expertise is tax investigations. He can be contacted via his website His first podcasts will be released in May 2023

Georgiana Head

Emma Rawson ATT

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