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ATT exams explained for autumn 2023

Advert for explaining ATT exams podcast
Advert for explaining ATT exams podcast

As the recruitment season starts this episode explains the ATT exams process for new students and your training team.

In this episode we look at ATT exam training with Tolley’s Sophie Hill.

The episode is designed for training partners/directors, HR departments and all practices or businesses looking to take on ATT students in 2023. The episode is ideal for prospective ATT students. It will help you have a good understanding of the ATT exam and study process.

The episode explains the compulsory exams that students will have to take and the subsequent optional papers. We explore the costs of the exams and study packages and look at possible apprenticeship funding.

By the end of the episode, you will have a good understanding of the ATT exams and whether they are suitable for your business or practice. Likewise possible ATT students will be able to understand the process and help determine if this is the correct tax training route.

Detailed course contents and timing during the episode

2:05 Differences between CTA and ATT exams

2:45 The compulsory ATT exam papers

3:11 Open book exams i.e. taking the exam remotely

3:52 The non-compulsory exam papers

6:11 When the exams are taken

7:29 Exemptions from papers

8:52 Computer based exams

11:52 How long will it take to complete the full course?

12:20 What books can you take into an open book exam?

14:23 Go to university or straight to work?

14:57 The foundation papers

18:25 Apprenticeships

20:17 The CTA pathway from ATT

22:58 The Tolleys approach, support and study materials

23:49 CBE study materials

24:32 Study courses

28:05 Practice exams and mock exams

29:28 How much studying is needed?

30:05 Tolleys guaranteed pass scheme

30:55 Costs of the study packages

Release date 6 September 2023

You can download from our episodes page.

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