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Phew what a relief? Business asset disposal relief (BADR) refresher

A detailed refresher of the Business Asset Disposal relief (BADR) rules.

Man carrying heavy folders with 'Tax' written on them
Business asset disposal relief - can reduce the tax burden

The guest the episode is Ros Martin. Ros is a tax trainer and consultant. You can contact Ros at her website or by email at

This episode is a refresher of the Business Asset Disposal (BADR) relief rules. The relief can see a capital gain of up to £1m taxed at 10% subject to meeting all the qualifying conditions.

Ros Martin tax consultant of
Ros Martin tax consultant of

The episodes runs through the main rules and covers some of the problem areas.


Who can claim BADR? – Categories of assets that qualify for BADR – Directors – Time limits for claim – How the 5% is calculated – Points to watch for with directors and employees – When and how to make the BADR claim – Does the company qualify? – Ensure the business is a trading company – Cash balances – Clearance procedures – Trade, professions and FHL – Goodwill and anti-avoidance – Unascertainable deferred consideration – Partial sales – Trusts – Investments in subsidiaries – Partial disposals – Associated disposals – EMI – Cessation of trade – Anti-avoidance


You can download where you access your podcasts including: Apple Podcasts, Amazon podcasts and Spotify

Or you can go to our episodes page to listen now. It will be released on 8 August 2023.

It is free to download and listen.

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