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Nightmare of associated companies for SMEs explained

A 30 minute webinar exploring the associated company issues for SMEs

A detailed explanation of associated companies for SMEs and why they are so important

By the end of the webinar you will know how to apply the legislation for your clients and the impact on the tax liability.

  • Impact on corporation tax rates

  • How the tax rates are affected

  • How the upper and lower limits are affected by different scenarios

  • What is an associated company?

  • Associated companies problem areas to watch when working out how many a group has

  • Passive holding companies

  • Control and the family

  • Minimum controlling combination

  • Worked example - Minimum controlling combination

  • Attribution of interests

  • Substantial commercial interdependence

  • Worked examples - Substantial commercial interdependence

  • Recommended links

Running time - a very sensible 30 minutes

Engaging slides to maintain and retain attention

Sample extract from the webinar

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