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23 tax things you need to know about the Budget

Budget 2023 advert for course
Budget 2023

Free CPD tax podcast on the 2023 Budget

The Budget / Autumn statement was held in late November 2023. This episode provides a run through of the main areas you need to be aware of as it progresses to becoming the next Finance Act.

The guest is Ros Martin a leading tax consultant and trainer.

In 45 minutes, you will gain an excellent understanding of all the main changes made in the budget.

1:27 National insurance for employees

2:29 Class 4

3:02 Class 2

4:24 NI thresholds

4:51 Veterans and NI

5:40 Lifetime allowance

8:12 National minimum wage

8:53 SA tax returns for PAYE cases

9:54 Car and van benefits and mileage allowance

11:01 IR35

12:08 EMI, EIS and VCT

12:51 Cash basis

16:20 Full expensing

18:46 CIS gross payment status

22:32 Tax relief for training for self-employed

25:09 Freeports

25:37 Research and development

29:09 Promoter of tax avoidance schemes

30:52 Additional data collection by HMRC

32:05 Shareholders in OMB

33:07 Self-employed start and end dates

33:55 MTD developments

38:26 Stamp taxes

39:02 Post office horizon payments

40:05 State pension problems possible for 2024/25

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