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Can you help Dolores with her nudge letter?

Photo of Paul Malin
Paul Malin

Brand new podcast episode published today covering tax investigations and nudge letters with Paul Malin, a leading tax investigations specialist. The free UK tax podcast looks at a range of tax investigations issues. Contact Paul at

You can listen to the episode through our website or where you usually obtain your podcasts - it could not be easier.

The podcast coverage includes:

The episode runs through important topical issues including where we are up to with Covid investigations, how to deal with a ‘nudge letter’ through to the more complex investigation.

The episode is split into easy to refer to chapters showing the timings. It covers: Covid tax investigations and where HMRC are up to ­– Low-level compliance visit – How HMRC are using Connect – HMRC office structure and how it has changed over the years – The start of an investigation – What is a nudge letter – Can you help Dolores? – The let property campaign – Assessing own penalty – More serious cases – Code of practice 9 and meetings with HMRC – Common Reporting Standard – Payments on account, how much and the importance of communication – What if the tax payer has no idea what the nudge letter is about – Tax-geared penalty – Taxpayer (or is that customer) behaviour for the future – Deliberate and concealed – C

an you horse-trade your way out of a penalty?

A detailed guide on how tax investigations are working in 2023.

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