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CTA exams. Yes, you can

Tax CPD podcast covering the CTA exams.

CTA exams successful student
CTA exams successful student

Released on 23 June the latest CPD podcast covers the CTA exams.


The guests are Sophie Hill of Tolley's Exam training. Sophie is one of the lead tutors with Tolleys and her full tax profile is shown on Tolley's site. Sophie will explain, during the CPD tax podcast, how the CTA exam process works.

Our second guest is Jess Tighe ACA. Jess works for the leading Bolton practice Barlow Andrews and is now taking her CTA exams. Jess brings current real-life experience of the CTA exams.

Who should listen

The tax CPD episode is designed for

  • anyone considering the CTA exams

  • partners looking to invest in their team members

  • HR and training partners

It is an exceptionally easy way to find out how the CTA exams work in 2023/24.


We look at a range of practical areas including

  • Who should / can take the exams

  • The exams that are compulsory and those where there are options

  • How much study is needed

  • The exams themselves - where they are held, the format, what books can be brought in, which are computer-based, which are not, multiple choice

  • The study material and support students can expect from Tolleys

  • The cost of the exams

  • Guaranteed pass schemes from Tolleys

  • What happens if a student does not pass

How to listen

You can listen now using the audio on the things we do for tax website.

Or you can download where you usually access your podcasts such as Apple podcasts, Spotify, Amazon music etc.

One of the many great things about a tax podcast is we can look at and explore topics we would never usually have the opportunity to do so.

The episode runs for about 40 minutes and is essential for those considering the CTA exam process.

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