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Tax of director's loan update - new CPD course

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Director's loan advert

Refresher and update on the tax of director's loans in this new CPD course.

The CPD tax podcast provides a refresher of the tax issues of director’s loans.

The podcast covers

· A review and refresher of the rules

· Coverage of the bed and breakfasting rules

· Advanced aspects that can cause problems issues

The guest is Ros Martin. Ros is a tax consultant and trainer and used to work for HMRC. Ros is available for consultancy at or

By the end of the course you will be up to date with current legislation on director’s loans

List of contents

2:30 Key issues on director's loans

2:46 s455 Basic review of the legislation

3:13 Close company and participators

3:54 What is a loan?

4:29 Joint accounts

5:03 Netting off loans

5:29 The tax charge

6:02 Repaying the tax

7:22 Director's tax return

8:47 Order of set off of repayments

9:27 Refund of the s455 tax

10:33 Liquidations

10:53 Write off of the loan

11:47 Director dies owing money

12:05 Beneficial loan interest

12:44 Loan interest de minimis

14:17 Bed and breakfasting - the basics

16:57 The 30-day rule

17:56 The second rule / arrangement

21:09 Illegal dividend

22:06 Undeclared sales

24:21 Partnerships and groups

26:38 Incorporation and the Pickles case

32:29 s 464

34:01 Liquidations

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