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Get right up to date with the Budget and important tax changes

The budget podcast helps keep you on top of the major issues in the Spring 2023 budget and a range of other important tax issues.

It really cannot be easier to keep up to date with this free CPD tax podcast. Run it through our episodes page or where ever you download your podcasts.

The guest is Ros Martin, a leading tax consultant and trainer. Ros can be contacted her via her website

There really is nothing to stop you keeping up to date - you do not even have to leave your office or stop work.

The episode covers: current topical consultancy issues including a tax suggestion when dealing with Business Asset Disposal Relief. Tax treatment of pensions, Corporation tax and planning for associates, CGT changes, dividend and bank interest allowance, mileage allowance, capital allowances and full expensing, R&D changes, Finance Bill comments, Reporting of disposing of residential property and payment of tax (60-day rule), Tax-year basis, IHT agricultural and property reliefs

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