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Going on a EU VAT holiday???

Using a practical example of Willow who is exporting a range of magic goods and tricks - big, small and temporary - to the EU and shows some of the options available.

If only trading with the EU was simple - but it really is not. This free TAX CPD podcast runs through some of the main VAT issues to consider when exporting goods into the EU.

The specialist guest is Simone Hurst who has practical expertise in this area. Simone can be contacted at her website

The tax CPD podcast is free to listen to. You can complete your tax CPD by listening through our website on the episodes page or where you normally download your podcasts.

How simple is that? CPD when you keep working.

This podcast covers:

We look at some of the issues when exporting: Small goods ­– IOSS ­– Registering in Ireland as an option – Is Norway an option? – Documentary evidence of export evidence – Public notice 703(6) – Sending larger goods to EU – Origin – Freight forwarder and similar suppliers – Who pays the EU VAT and duties? – Temporary exports and demonstration equipment – Customs Agent

The episode runs through the options including sending small value goods, much higher value goods and then temporary exports.

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