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How you might obtain a reply to old post from HMRC

HMRC are addressing the huge backlog to old post in response to demands from the professional bodies. From 10 July 2023 HMRC is trialling a new task force to process post over 12 months old. The aim is to significantly reduce the very old cases over the next few months.

What we do not know is what level of post is in arrears and how realistic this is but HMRC should be applauded for addressing the issue.

· Your first step is to identify any post older than 12 months.

· Next go to HMRC’s Agents' Issue Resolution Service. Search for that phrase on HMRC’s website

· This is an online form but you can only use it if you are registered as an Agent Account Manager known as AAM. Most agents will be but you might need to register first

By using this service you are escalating the issues you have not been able to resolve and you will be asked to confirm that is the case. I would not expect that is going to be a stumbling block.

Then it is a 3-step form:

1. Details about you and your practice

2. Client’s details, address, tax reference et cetera. Then confirm you hold a current 64-8 for them.

3. Then in less than 2000 characters (not words) which is not many if this is an ongoing matter.

Once submitted HMRC say

· Agent will receive an automated acknowledgement

· HMRC will contact the agent within 5 days and

· Respond fully in 15 days.

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