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How much should you pay the tax team?

Or how much pay rise should you ask for?

Georgiana Head
Georgiana Head

This week we recorded a tax recruitment special with

Georgiana Head. During the podcast we look at:

  • Current state of the tax recruitment market

  • The level of pay rises over the last 12 - 18 months and how much to pay the tax team

  • Working from home - are you behind your competitors?

  • Current remuneration trends

  • What the common position is on overtime and time off in lieu

  • How common are remote interviews and what is current best practice

This wide ranging podcast is essential for employers and employees as we approach autumn 2023.

It will be published on 23 August 2023.

Georgiana is a highly experienced tax recruiter running her own business. Her approach is to develop long-term relationships with employers, practice and industry / non-practice and employees.

Always pleased to discuss your recruitment issues whether an employer or employee. It might be you just need some guidance on salary levels for the next pay round, or how to fill a vacancy or where you want to take your career. A friendly recruitment consultant will make that process so much easier. Give Georgiana a call.

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