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Sgt Walker thought they were awarding medals...

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Today we have added a podcast episode with Paul Malin, tax investigations specialist. This tax podcast for accountancy CPD looks at the detailed process of the investigation.

Paul guides us through the steps he applies. We look at when to hold meetings, how to deal with minutes of the meeting, how to close off those difficult cases, penalties and so much more.

Paul runs his own tax investigations consultancy and is available for consultancy for clients or your practice.

The detailed content includes: Does HMRC know the business exist – if not, why not? – Appoint an agent – Which tax office and which department? – The initial letter and contact from HMRC – Quick look at Common reporting standard and Connect – Code of practice 9 and 8 (in that order) – TMA 1970 – Is it criminal or civil? – Make an initial payment – The initial meeting – objectives, how to handle it and style and approach – Record the interview? Approach to minutes of meetings – Do you sign the minutes of the meeting – Zoom / Teams style interviews – HMRC legal powers s36 Notices – Asking for information about family members or business partners – S

ettlement – Sending a closure notice when the case stalls – Risk of first tier tribunals – Back to penalties (they are so important)

You can access the podcast where you download your podcasts or here


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