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Some of the forthcoming tax podcasts

We have a lot of episodes in the tax podcast pipeline (ok, a digital pipeline) but nonetheless a pipeline

· Business asset disposal relief - release date September 2023

· IR35 - with lots of techie details - release date September 2023

· Recruitment special - August / September 2023

· AAT exam process ready for the new intake - August 2023

· Alphabet shares and dividend waivers - August 2023

Hopefully one on the new ICAEW CPD rules - which aren't as scary as they look because if you have been listening to CPD tax podcasts you are probably compliant and taking it seriously. Now if the letters 'C', 'P', 'D' in that order are a little new to you then it is a bit scary.

Plenty more tax podcasts are planned and we will keep adding details as they are confirmed.

Publication might slow down a little in late July and August because the whole wide world seems to be off on holiday - though we aren't. But once we hit September should be a constant flow of podcasts - down the pipeline.

It really helps to know what topics you would like so please let us know - thank you for the many suggestions

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