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Tax of property podcast

Image of a small property
Tax of small rental properties

Excellent refresher of tax issues for small rental properties

The 40 minute podcast is the refresher of the main tax issues met when dealing with small property lets and rental properties in the UK. You can download or listen now through the website.

Ros Martin
Ros Martin of

The guest on the podcast is Ros Martin who can be contacted for training and consultancy at

The episode runs for about 40 minutes and covers a range of topical issues:

Brief overview of tax situation – Selection of year-end – Use of cash accounting – Class 2 and 4 National insurance – MTD – Initial costs of the property – Refurbishments and capital costs including a range of examples – Interest on loans to finance the property – Tax losses – Furnished holiday lets – SDLT issues to watch out for including multiple dwellings – Reporting capital gains

Verification quiz

As with all our podcasts they are supported with a verification quiz to confirm you undertook the CPD.

You can listen to the podcast now or download where you obtain your podcasts.

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