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The Ins and Outs of National Minimum Wage: What accountants and the payroll team need to know

Building seeking more money National Minimum Wage 2024
National Minimum Wage 2024

This 30 minute webinar is designed for the payroll team working in General Practice and all accountants needing a good understand of the crucial changes made on 1 April 2024.

The webinar explains that the drop in age limit from 23 to 21 and the increase to the basic rate of £11.44 could be a recipe for problems for many small businesses.

The webinar runs for 30 minutes with engaging slides to help maintain attention throughout. All payroll departments must be totally on top of the changes as the April payrolls commence and the webinar is a significant part of the process.

Provides CPD for accountants in practice.


·         The NMW rates

·         Rates on an annualised basis

·         Apprentices

·         When NMW applies to

·         When NMW does not apply

·         Work shadowing

·         Voluntary work

·         Key dates

·         Pay period

·         Commission

·         Reporting hours worked

·         Uniforms

·         Travel to work - fixed places of work and different places

·         Tips, overtime, expenses

·         Accommodation

·         Daily offset rate

·         Family limited companies

·         Working away from home

·         Contracts

·         Rest breaks

·         Fines and penalties

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