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The New Tax Basis Period: the practical problems resolved

Diagram explaining new basis period

The 30 minute very practical webinar covers the real practical issues arising from the new basis period and provides solutions.

The webinar is presented by Emma Rawson a leading tax trainer and consultant. With clear concise explanations and crucially solutions to the problems tumbling out of the basis period change.

The contents

•           How the new basis period works

•           The tax year basis

•           Worked example

•           The transitional year 2023/24 & worked example

•           Start and ceasing to trade in 2023/24

•           Calculating the tax in 2023/24

•           Financial impacts

•           Overlap - why you have to use it now

•           How to obtain the overlap if you do not have it

•           The spreading of tax rules

•           Accelerating spreading

•           Provisional figures

•           Partnerships

•           Should you change your client's year end?

•           Practical steps

•           Recommended additional links

View sample of the webinar

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