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The webinar is for accountants working in general practice. It explains, updates and refreshes the rules on capital allowances and cars.



  • What is a car for capital allowances?
  • What is not a car for capital allowances?
  • Is the vehicle a car for capital allowances? Small limousines, motorhomes, quad bikes, driving schools, double cab pick ups
  • What can be claimed? AIA, super-deductions and full expensing
  • The tax situation on low emission cars and what is a low emission car?
  • What rate of writing down allowances are available?
  • The importance of private adjustments
  • Balancing allowances and charges
  • Anti-avoidance for small businesses
  • Hire purchase and lease purchase


The course runs for 30 minutes, with engaging slides to maintain and retain attention.


By the end of the course your team will be up to date on capital allowance and cars.

Capital allowances and cars - update and refresher for SMEs

SKU: W-Cas-Cars-April 2024
  • The webinar is supplied as an MP4 file

    The self-test quiz as an Excel file

    The slides in pdf format

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