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The company losses webinar is a complete update and refresher on the loss rules that affect SMEs.


The webinar is presented by Emma Rawson and runs for about 30 minutes.


The contents include


  • Current year and carry back
  • Restrictions on the carry back
  • The importance of 1 April 2017 and impact on loss claims
  • Restrictions on carry forward of losses
  • The order of offset of losses
  • Group relief
  • Terminal loss relief
  • Different kinds of losses
  • Loss restriction and anti-avoidance
  • Anti-avoidance and loss buying
  • Change in ownership
  • Major change in conduct of trade
  • Small or negligible

Company losses

SKU: W-CT-loss-May2024
  • The webinar is


    • Supplied in MP4 format
    • The slides are supplied as a pdf for ease of note taking
    • A self-test CPD verification quiz is supplied in Excel format
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