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The guest on the two episodes is Nick Wright of Jerroms Miller a leading UK specialist in taxation.


Nick can be contacted for consultancy at or Nick is a published tax author in publications including Taxation.


The podcast is split in two episodes of about 30 minutes each and are packed with content. The podcast looks at dividend waivers and alphabet shares with particular reference to payment of dividends. We explore a range of issues to consider.


The episodes are supported with a test of competence (quizzes) to aid the verification you completed the CPD, this will be vital under ICAEW CPD rules. The quizzes can be downloaded from the site. They are password protected and the passwords are given out during the episodes.


Dividend waiver podcast

Overview of what dividend waivers and alphabet shares are – Employment related securities – Settlements legislation – How were the shares issued and / or gift of shares – Subscriber shares / founder shares – Was there bounty? – The importance of Arctic systems – Dividend only shares – The importance of distributable reserves – The deed and who can execute it – Thin shares – Are dividend waivers really worth it?


Alphabet shares podcast

What are the share rights and are they in ‘all respects uniform’ – New shares or transfer of existing shares – Personal relationship exemption – Reorganisation provisions and consider BPR and BADR – Spousal exemption – Issues of shares to spouses, connected and unconnected persons – Grandparents and alpha shares – Employee shares issued at a discount – Reporting under old ‘form 42’ – Bad leaver clauses – 431 elections. Are alphabet shares worth it?


Using dividend waivers

3:00 Introduction

5:28 Basics of dividend waivers and alphabet shares

7:36 Employment related securities

9:10 National insurance - small salary and big dividend

11:26 Settlements

12:01 How were the shares issued?

13:26 Subscribing to shares / founder shares

15:39 Bounty

16:04 Arctic systems

17:12 Spousal exemption

18:31 Dividend only shares

19:14 Some Company Law considerations

19:36 Distributable reserves

22:12 Deeds

23:36 Should we bother with the waiver is it too risky?

24:19 Thin shares

25:52 The Buck case

25:53 HMRC Manual

Should your client use Alphabet shares

3:00 What are alphabet shares

3:22 All respects uniform?

4:23 Share rights

5:42 New shares or transfer of existing shares (gift)

6:02 Personal relationship exemption

6:19 Reorganisation provisions including considering BPR and BADR

8:23 Spousal exemption

8:50 Distributable reserves

10:35 Connected persons

12:30 Grandparents / grandchildren

14:15 Adult children - personal spousal exemption

15:37 Employees

16:10 Employment related securities

17:00 Value of employee shares

22:22 CGT considerations

23:10 Alphabet soup

26:00 'I want the shares back' and bad leaver clauses

27:28 431 elections

Dividend waivers and alphabet shares

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  • The podcast is supplied as an MP3 file

    The verification quiz is in Excel form

    These episodes were recorded in July 2023

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