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The podcasts explains the MTD pilot commencing in April 2024.  The guest is leading trainer and tax specialist - Emma Rawson


By the end of the podcast you will know how and why you should register some of your clients for MTD.


The contents include:

2:07      Which taxpayers are affected

2:38      When the MTD pilot starts

2:55      The new HMRC pilot compared with previous versions

3:18      Which clients can be signed up? Do you have to sign up all clients?

5:31      Why joining might help with the penalty regime

6:17      Which taxpayers will have to join MTD quarterly reporting and from what date?

9:00      Which quarters have to be used?

10:32    What has to be submitted and the 'fifth' submission

12:54    API enabled software

15:15    Three-line accounting

16:06    Using spreadsheets

17:17    When do submissions have to be made by?

19:59    Cumulative basis

22:00    The digitally excluded and MTD

24:30    Quarterly payments????

26:34    How the turnover is calculated and it has a nasty surprise

33:33    How to put clients on the pilot basis

MTD - try before you have to - the MTD pilot explained

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