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The new basis period is here for sole traders and partnerships. The webinar looks at the way it works, the problem areas and is packed with solutions to those problems.


It is a very sensible and achievable 37 minutes


Engaging slides to maintain attention


  • How the new basis period works
  • The tax year basis
  • Worked example
  • The transitional year 2023/24 & worked example
  • Start and ceasing to trade in 2023/24
  • Calculating the tax in 2023/24
  • Financial impacts
  • Overlap - why you have to use it now
  • How to obtain the overlap if you do not have it
  • The spreading of tax rules
  • Accelerating spreading
  • Provisional figures
  • Partnerships
  • Should you change your client's year end?
  • Practical steps
  • Recommended additional links


The new basis period - the problem areas and solutions

SKU: W-Basis-2024
  • The webinar is an MP4

    The slides are supplied as pdf

    The verification quiz is an Excel file

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