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This is an episode looking at recent changes to the administration of the tax system.  We focus on a range of topics that affect accountants working in practice.

  • How you might obtain a reply from HMRC for old post

  • Changes to the Agent Helpline - it is not good news

  • Overlap relief 

  • Obtaining SA refunds

  • Changes to VAT registration

  • PAYE - closing a scheme down

  • Paying tax liabilities

  • Crucial changes to VAT central assessments

  • Payment plans on line 


Detailed content and timings

1:58      Obtaining a reply from HMRC to post older than 12 months

6:01      Agent helpline changes - it is not good news

8:22      Overlap relief

14:00    SA tax refunds

17:15    Changes to VAT registration

21:12    Closing down a VAT scheme

23:30    Paying tax liabilities

25:49    VAT central assessments

28:31    Time to pay - online processing

The November 2023 tax admin update

SKU: 2023taxadmin
  • The podcast is supplied as an MP3 file

    The verification quiz is in Excel format

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