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The webinar is designed for accountants wanting an understanding or refresher of the tax implications of supplying an electric company car.


The running time is 30 minutes approx with engaging slides to retain attention.


The webinar covers:


  • Introduction
  • Capital allowances
  • When might there be a taxable benefit?
  • Calculating the taxable benefit
  • Worked example of tax savings vs petrol/diesel car
  • Tax treatment of the cost of charging
  • Charging company cars
  • Company car charging - reimbursement
  • Providing electricity for a private (non-company) car
  • Tax treatment of charging points
  • VAT issues on cost of car
  • VAT recovery on cost of electricity

The tax of electic cars

SKU: W-Elec-March-2024
  • The webinar is supplied as a download in MP4 format

    The self-test quiz is an excel file

    The slides are supplied in pdf format

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