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Podcast Episodes

A summary of each podcast episode is shown below. You can download the episodes where you usually obtain your podcasts including: Apple Podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Google podcasts, Podcast addict, Podchaser, PlayerFM or play from the link below.

The podcasts provide tax CPD for accountants based in the UK

Was it the tax that shrank it?

This episode’s guest is Ros Martin who is a leading tax trainer and consultant. Ros can be contacted through her website or via email at


The episode is a refresher of the tax issues met when dealing with the small private landlord. A reminder of key issues and a look at areas that are often overlooked.


Brief overview of tax situation – Selection of year-end – Use of cash accounting – Class 2 and 4  National insurance – MTD – Initial costs of the property – Refurbishments and capital costs including a range of examples – Interest on loans to finance the property – Tax losses – Furnished holiday lets – SDLT issues to watch out for including multiple dwellings – Reporting capital gains

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