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Why you should use... The things we do for tax?


Working out how to complete your CPD can’t half focus the mind. I searched high and then low looking for CPD tax training that meets the needs of the General Practice but nothing could be found.


Either too expensive, or beyond ridiculously long webinars testing stamina to the maximum, contents that are not relevant meaning just watching to clock up the hours.


Having spent a lifetime working and developing CPD I decided it was time to do something about it.


Listeners to our podcasts kept asking ‘could we add a webinar range?’ – yes, we can and have.


Most professional bodies set CPD requirements based on hours spent training. Such an odd approach when the world is moving to short punchier training sessions. Ah well, a step backwards without doubt but it is what it is so we will deal with it.


And one professional body sends so many CPD reminders it is beyond a joke – the equivalent of the nagging child ‘are we there yet’. The message has been received.



Our webinars


  • All have sensible duration times of around 30 minutes – some a smidgen more, some less. Recognising that the best will in the world most people are not going to complete monster sessions

  • We recognise your time is precious so achievable webinar duration packed with content is our aim

  • Have slides that are engaging and not ‘death by PowerPoint’. We will work harder than the rest to have engaging slides that maintain and retain attention. Check the samples

  • All have topics designed and targeted for the general practitioner and the SME sector


How many times can I run the course?

The courses can be run as many times as you would like. They are supplied as a download. You are restricted to only using them within your business but after that you can watch as many times as needed.


Why are the webinars about 30 minutes?

Webinars are often advertised running for 60 or 90 minutes which is longer than a film and these days almost as long as a football match. Therein lies the problem with the best will in the world the content is never as exciting as a film, drama, entertainment programme etc.

We feel 30 minutes is about the maximum that can sensibly committed to a webinar - so that is what we do. It gets the content over before attention drops. Our webinars are pre-recorded so no wasted words or time.

Your slides are engaging and keep the viewer's attention but do they depend on colours?

The colours are there to help engage and liven up the slides. However, we are aware that some viewers might have problems distinguishing colours. We will never require you to 'watch the red square', or 'watch the green circle' etc. All graphics have words and are not dependent on the colours. However, the colours don't half help with watchability, if there is such a word.


The costs will be kept low with plenty of low-cost packages to meet every budget


...And furthermore, there is no per partner nor per employee charge.  Can’t be fairer than that.


And we do not take your custom for granted so subscriptions do not automatically renew – we really hope you will, but the choice and control is down to you...


And the podcasts stay free – just login, download and listen.


Your guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with any webinar let us know and we will refund your money – no ifs, no buts or quibbles. Now we hope that will never be the case but it is good you know that your purchase is risk free.

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